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I'm Bünyamin Ergen and

Hi! My name is Bünyamin Ergen.
I am an Artificial Intelligence Engineer & Python Developer, and I'm very passionate and dedicated to my work. As a professional, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success.


Quality Services

  • Deep Learning

    Specialized in developing deep learning models for various applications.

  • Machine Learning

    Implementing machine learning algorithms to solve specific business problems.

  • Predictive Modeling

    Creating predictive models to forecast future trends and behaviors.

  • Web Development

    Building scalable and maintainable web applications using Python frameworks.

  • API Integration

    Integrating and consuming various APIs to enhance application functionality.

  • Automation

    Automating repetitive tasks and processes to improve efficiency.

  • AWS Services

    Expertise in deploying and managing applications on AWS cloud infrastructure.

  • Docker

    Experience in containerizing applications using Docker for easier deployment and scaling.

  • Prompt Engineering

    Specializing in designing and engineering dialogue systems and conversational interfaces.

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